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About Me.

My background

Born  in New Jersey, graduated from West Orange High, 1961.  Penn State 1965.  Masters from Lehigh, 1972

Career with IBM and Prodigy.  Eight patents with Prodigy, all key to WWW and browser technology, and licensed by hundreds of Internet companies.


I've traveled extensively since retirement... all over the world.  I also have a strong interest in Fractals, and have developed a talk providing a spiritual interpretation of a fractal.  

I'm an avid bridge player, and contribute articles to to the Connecticut Bridge publication... the Kibitzer

Top travel destinations

Botswana, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii

My Prodigy Patents

These inventions are used throughtout the WorldWide Web and browsers.  These patents have been licensed by hundreds of Internet companies.  Prodigy was a pioneer in using the capabilities of a "smart" end user device (Reception System in the terminology of the patents) to access a network offering a wide variety of consumer services.

Bridge Articles Part 3